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You've tried paleo, keto and maybe even a Whole30 month or two. One book says eat this, another blog says eat that. It all boils down to this: you’re confused. On top of confusion and curiosity, you have some chronic health issues that you think might be related to food or lifestyle choices. Coaching will help break it down for you. You'll be supported in eating real food in real life. Meaning - forget the fads and deprivation. With an assessment of your nutrition and lifestyle, you'll be led through the steps necessary to make your health and wellness goals a reality. Think of wellness coaching as a way to get your nutrition and mindset around food and lifestyle choices back into cruise control.
  • 60-minute coaching session | $125

All of us accumulate impurities over time in our bodies from our food, water and air, which are store in the fat cells in our bodies. Over time the accumulated impurities can lead to loss of energy, weakened immune system, anxiety and depression and other mental and physical health issues. While many people are familiar with the idea of detoxification, there is often confusion about how to do it safely. In order to detoxify properly, the body needs specific nutrients and targeted nutritional support. This comprehensive but easy to follow program, using medical food specific for metabolic detoxification, will help your body detoxify, reset your metabolism and improve your overall wellbeing.

  • 60-minute session, 10-Day supply medical food support | $245


Plum Pie

Sugar can be emotionally and physically addicting. Stacy's comprehensive Sugar Detox program will give you the tools to break free from sugar. You'll receive step-by-step instructions for detoxification, self-care tips, snack ideas, recipes and shopping lists. Protocols are broken down by phases - prepare/detox/reintroduce. Abandon sugar cravings for a leaner way of eating, improve chronic health conditions and reprogram your taste buds to crave nutritionally dense foods.

  • 60-minute session, 10-Day Program | $155


Organic Vegetables

Many of us unknowingly eat foods that produce inflammation in our bodies. We may even assume these foods are good for us, but the inflammation they cause can lead to all sorts of issues such as irregular moods, chronic pain, and even weight gain. Is there a way to find out what you should and should not eat? There is, in fact, a streamlined process to figure it out. Through a simple finger prick test and a food elimination program, we can determine your unique food sensitivities and build a nutritional plan that works for your tastes and lifestyle. *Includes a finger prick test

  • Initial 60-minute session, 45-minute Follow Up  | $395

Yoga at Home


Private yoga lessons are tailored to meet each individual's needs and are available one-on-one, semi-privates and for small groups up to five. Private instruction is ideal for beginners, athletes, busy professionals, those intimidated by group classes or anyone looking to develop or improve their yoga practice with personal attention.

  • 60-minute session | $125


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