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Stacy empowers others with confidence to explore how mindful movement and embodied presence can deepen a connection within themselves. A dedicated yoga practitioner for over 20 years with decades of experience working in holistic health and wellness, she has been teaching yoga and facilitating retreats since 2011. Stacy's classes, whether a strong vinyasa flow or a gentle restorative, are soulful, music-inspired, breath-focused and safely sequenced. With clear instruction and an inclusive approach of all levels, she guides a balanced practice that supports students in building resilience in mind and body. She passionately teaches movement as a form of creative expression and meditation as a practice of discovery and self-acceptance. As a lifelong learner, Stacy has extensively studied various traditions of yoga and received multiple certifications, and has trained in other modalities including herbalism, integrative nutrition, somatic embodiment and Tarot. She is also an intuitive coach and mentor. The focus of her work is on physical, emotional and energetic attunement both on and off the yoga mat. Stacy lives in Northbrook with her family and two adorable rescue dogs. 


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