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"Stacy and Amy are the real deals…their retreats are complete, allowing you to do as much or as little yoga as you wish, at every different level.  Truly everyone can enjoy the practice. The tone that Stacy and Amy provide is one of acceptance and heartfelt welcome…no matter your yoga level, your reason for attending, your ability or lack thereof, all are truly made to feel special and recognized. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow your practice in a safe and relaxing environment, and the location and accommodations are truly world-class. I can’t stress enough how it’s these two women who set the tone for the entire retreat, and that tone is filled with love and acceptance and graciousness. Can’t wait to experience another retreat in another fantastic location." - Jan G. 

"I've attended many. many retreats in my life. Being on retreat with Amy and Stacy is a gift. They created a space for us over the course of 3 days that nourishes the sould and body. Their varied call options, thoughtful readings, and insightful teachings opened the space within to relax, engage with nature, lean into gratitude and find joy. By encouraging each of us to embrace the place we are, in the moment, they fostered an inclusicity and acceptance that filled the retreat with peace. Simply beautiful..."- Ashley N. 

"The entire weekend was so thoughtfully planned. We had time to rest, to hike, to eat delicious meals, and to also practice multiple times a day. Practicing yoga outdoors among the mountains was an absolute dream!" - Abby B. 

"It was truly a retreat- the yoga outside was wonderful and both of you are quite generous with adjustments making your retreat amazing!!.  I give the retreat a 10 (you even got my husband to try a class!! as your warmth did not threaten him and he could easily take the risk) - thanks!" -Karen P.

"I went to the Santa Fe yoga retreat with Amy and Stacy this past April. The retreat had a perfect mix of class levels suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels. Amy & Stacy are great teachers who created environment full of kindness and love. No matter what your reason for coming on a retreat with Amy and Stacy is, you will leave feeling relaxed, reenergized and fulfilled." - Ranka P.

"I attended Stacy and Amy’s retreat at The Four Seasons Encantado Resort & Spa. The experience was physically and emotionally restorative and allowed for the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Stacy and Amy were both incredibly attentive and offered constructive teaching that will improve my yoga practice in the future. The four days at the retreat were truly the way life should be every day. I can’t wait to go back.." - Vanessa W.

"Pure Living Yoga retreats are truly magical.  I just booked my 4th retreat because they are in luxurious locations with advanced teachers and include thoughtful attention to detail. I truly can't express how wonderful the experience is. " - Aamie F. 

"Miami, Jan 2018, was my first yoga retreat ever and will not be my last. I have a busy and chaotic schedule so I don’t practice yoga as much as I would like. Amy & Stacy tailored this retreat for all levels and were available for any poses I wanted to ‘work on.’ Still a work in progress but its amazing to have teachers that can support you for your level and challenge you without pushing it too far. There were several people on the retreat who have gone to many of Amy & Stacy’s retreats and I can understand why… I will for sure be finding another retreat, I’m hooked and grateful for the experience." - Stephanie B.

"This is the second retreat with Pure Living retreats my daughters and I have enjoyed. We always return refreshed and rejuvenated inside and out! I would recommend these retreats to anyone traveling with friends, family or alone. There is always a sense of community with all the people who are attracted to these trips. Cant wait till we go on our next retreat!" - Jamie S.

"Stacy and Amy's retreats are amazing getaways. They are perfect for the person who wants to do yoga but also wants to explore town or go off and hike on their own. The yoga is restorative and the environment is friendly. Treat yourself and go on one of these!" - Emily H.

"I absolutely loved every moment of Stacy & Amy’s South Beach Miami Retreat. Their yoga styles compliment each other perfectly. They are both amazing instructors & fabulous women as well. I truly enjoyed every yoga class especially doing yoga outside in the gorgeous weather. I felt absolutely amazing from all the yoga & breathing & cannot wait to attend another retreat!"!  - Beth H.

"I was looking for a yoga retreat based Christmas gift to give to my wife and found the Santa Fe Four Seasons Hotel retreat which looked incredible. Not knowing anything about Stacy and Amy, I want sure what I was getting into and had only seen a few reviews. I sent them a large deposit and hoped this was as legit as it seemed. Stacy and Amy sent me the info and the booking confirmation immediately and took the time to answer all of my questions. They said they would contact me a few weeks before the retreat in April and sure enough, they did. Im literally writing this review as I sit on balcony at the Four Seasons hotel in Santa Fe and this is literally one of the best trip/retreats I have ever been on. Both stacy and amy are as nice as can be, top notch instructors and the Four Seasons Resort setting is like a living screen saver. I could not be happier with the entire experience thus far and can't wait to attend the classes, meditation and meet more of the retreat members this weekend. They offer classes of multiple levels, yoga based workshops and a very organized schedule that you can work into your own plans as you like. If you are on the fence about trying a yoga retreat, do not hesitate. Booking this trip with Stacy and Amy is nothing short of amazing!" - Roy C.

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